Dr. Rampulla Giuseppe

Rampulla Giuseppe

Graduated dental technician since 1982, owner of a dental laboratory in Parma, he has followed various training courses with qualified Master Dental Technicians such as Paul Fiechter, Klaus Müterthies, Oliver Brix, Jochen Peters, Alberto Battistelli, Giancarlo Barducci and with Dr. Fradeani. He holds courses on Gnathology and aesthetics of Smile Design in Golden Proportion. These courses are held in Italy and abroad. 

Author of articles in some field magazines which mainly concern the theme of technology applied to our field, primarily aesthetics. In this case the theme of the Golden Ratio applied to the oral cavity and beyond was taken up again. 

Furthermore, articles regarding Biofunctional Gnathology with innovative reference plans such as the rediscovery of the digital Monson Sphere, of great importance in these articles but also in the numerous presentations and the topic of Facial Scans, considered very important for a correct and individual prosthetic construction in 3D. 

Lecturer at the G. Marconi University of Rome for the training of SDT Digital Dental Technicians. 

Developer of the ITAKA systematics concerning the topic of free movement gnathology, i.e. the search for tools to record and replicate the patient’s real movement. This system now on the market is presented in numerous conferences and meetings for its dissemination. 

Currently member and disseminator for the company ITAKA E ART ORAL (Dental Ceramics).