Mdt. Prandtner Otto

Prandtner Otto

Otto Prandtner Born in Salzburg, he trained as a dental technician in an Oral Design laboratory. After a few years of business travel that took him from Salzburg to Stuttgart with Peter Biekert and from 2002-2007 in California with Sheets & Paquette, in 2008 he settled in Munich with his own laboratory. 

In 2011, his report was awarded the “best lecture” by the German dental technology association ADT. 

In 2014 he founded the “Platform for Finest Dental Technology” together with Hubert Schenk and Stefan Frei. 

In 2017, as a member of a scientific group, he published 7 articles in Pubmed. 

In 2018 he is a founding member of “rezotto production”. In 2019 he gets an award from the “Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry” for his articles positioned among the twenty most read. In 2020 he published numerous tutorials on In 2021 held the 12-module online seminar on interdisciplinary collaboration between Prof. Daniel Edelhoff and Otto Prandtner.