Mdt. Petri Cristian

Petri Cristian

He was born in 1978 in the heart of Transylvania.

In 1999, Cristian Petri successfully completed his 2-year dental technician college in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

Subsequently, he worked as dental technician until 2001. 

He then changed to work in USA and Germany as dental technician for almost 2 years.

• May – October 2001: New Jersey 

• December 2001-November 2002: Althausen-Mdt Alexander König

In 2002, he opened his laboratory Artchrys in Cluj-Napoca/Romania.

He further specializes as he partakes to the courses conducted by Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, Mdt Massimiliano Trombin, Mdt Achim Ludvig, Mdt Jan Langner, Mdt Haristos Girinis, Mdt Nondas Vlachopoulos, Mdt Uwe Gehringer, Mdt Thomas Stefan Sing and Sensei Sigeo Kataoka. 

Since 2011, he has been holding lectures and publishing information regarding the fabrication of complex implant restorations with a focus on functional and aesthetics.

In 2017 together with Dr. Ionut Branzan, was the winner of the Award – Excellence in Prosthodontics (Zerodonto – AIOP).

In 2018, Cristian Petri was inducted into the international Oral Design group by founder Willi Geller.

He is co-founder and president of Dental Initiative Romania, a non-profit association with an educational character.

He is also the initiator of the TEAM congress in Romania.