Mdt. Nannini Claudio

Nannini Claudio

Claudio Nannini was born in Modena on 21 August 1961. He manages his own laboratory in Modena at Via Giardini 60 with 4 employees Luca, Augustin, Roberto and Anna.

He has been an Antlo member since 1985 and a speaker since 1988. He is a member of the Scientific Committees of the journals dental dialogue and Quintessence. He has participated, as a speaker, in numerous national and international events and in particular in the colloquium dental 2011, 2019, and 2021, the Midwinter in Chicago in 2017, and the Amici di Brugg Congress in 2005 where he performed the pre-convention course together with Dr. Cuman and Prof. Slavicek.

He was also speaker at the AIOP and SIPRO congresses (2023). He published various articles in national and international journals such as: “Quintessenza odontotecnica” – “Il Laboratorio Odontotecnico” – “RTD – SICED” – “dental dialogue” – “teamwork clinic”.

He is the author with his colleague Baldin and Dr. Cuman and Dr. Masnata of the book “Total Prosthetics according to Slavicek”, teamwork media srl.

The book “Aesthetic and Function” was published in 2015, teamwork media srl.

A new eBook, of which there is also a paper version, was recently published, produced together with Dr. Sandro Pradella and Dr. Stefano Lombardo on Dental Usury. He has been continuously holding courses for dentists and technicians for years on Gnathology in relation to aesthetics and function (also in collaboration with Dr. Lombardo), on Press Techniques with lithium disilicate and zirconia and on Total Prosthetics together with Dr. Sandro Pradella.