The All-on-4 treatment concept – challenges and evolution of restoring fully edentulous and failing dentition patients

The loss of teeth is an early sign of aging, with an undeniable impact on the global population daily life and social interaction. 

Through innovation, along with continuous clinical and scientific research, it has become possible to treat virtually every edentulous case with a highly functional and esthetic fixed solution, increasing the quality of life for these patients. 

The All-on-4 treatment concept has allowed thousands of clinicians around the world to achieve this essential goal for their patients. 

The rehabilitation of these patients is a team approach involving surgeon, prosthodontists, lab technician and dental hygienist. 

The surgical stage follows the All-on-4 surgical protocol – an innovative technique developed in the early 90’s with Prof. Paulo Maló and his team that allows for immediate function, full-arch, implant supported prosthetics. This widely applicable surgical protocol allows for a simplified and immediate rehabilitation with a provisional bridge fixed on 4 implants, with minimum cantilevers, delivered 3 to 4 hours after the surgery. 

Clinical management of patients through this protocol will be presented by demonstrating the medical data gathering process, diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical protocols and insights of both provisional and definitive implant-supported prosthesis. 

The MALO CLINIC Protocol for the complete edentulous has proven to be highly successful, with 91,7% success rate for the All-on-4 surgical protocol in the mandible (up to 18 years follow-up) and a 93,9% success rate for the All-on-4 surgical protocol maxillary techniques (up to 13 years follow- up). 

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