State of the art of adhesive cementation. Part 2

The aesthetic request from patients is today more and more pressing with ever higher expectations and this requires a continuous updating of materials, technologies and procedures. It is essential for the prosthetic team to make an accurate diagnosis in order to prepare a personalized treatment plan which must respond to the aesthetic requests of the patients with the lowest possible biological cost. The new technologies offer us increasingly effective and useful diagnostic tools for both the planning and control of a restorative-prosthetic therapy which must combine the aesthetic result with the restoration of function.

During the course, the treatment plan for the solution of an aesthetic problem with the indirect technique will be presented, analyzing the reasons and criteria for choosing the materials, preparations and cementations that will be performed. All the executive phases, from the preparation to the impression, from the creation of the provisionals to the cementation, will be analyzed and described step by step. The possibilities offered by the new metal-free materials will be analyzed and described both from the point of view of the clinician and the laboratory and the state of the art in terms of adhesive restoration will be analyzed.

  Pre-Congress Course. Patient Aesthetics - Adhesion - Minimally invasive. Multidisciplinary restorative-prosthetic treatments of a patient from A to Z
  16:00 - 17:30


Breschi Lorenzo
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Breschi Lorenzo