Non-retentive adhesive restorations in lithium disilicate: a new way of rethinking the partial adhesive preparations of the posterior sectors

In the last 30 years, a mistake has been made in applying adhesion to preparations borrowed from the past for being able to work with non-adhesive materials which required highly retentive preparations to ensure long-term stability. With the advent of adhesive techniques, a “glue” has been added to retentive preparations: this is not the real purpose of adhesion. 

During the report, a new approach to partial preparations in the posterior sectors will be evaluated, preparations that are actually designed to assist adherence to really work and express all its biomechanical benefits and which guarantees simplicity of execution and long-term longevity of the dental-restorative complex.

  Multidisciplinary Dentistry and Specialist Medicine: What are the connections?
  12:10 - 13:00


Politano Gianfranco
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Politano Gianfranco