Implant prosthesis: biomimetics and camouflage

The attention of patients and clinicians has shifted more and more from the functional aspect, taken by now for granted, towards the solution, also esthetic, of partial or total edentulism.

Unfortunately the anatomy of implant sites undergoes changes, even substantial ones, following loss of natural teeth; these anatomical changes add to discrepancies between the actual position of the implants and the ideal position of the prosthesis, often making it difficult to camouflage implant prosthetic restorations.

The report will give an overview of the elements resulting in implant prosthetic mimicry, in particular of the systematic approach Edentulous Site Enhancement that uses the interfaces of osseointegrated implants and implant prosthetic components as means to plan, restore and stabilize the surrounding anatomic situation from a biomimicking viewpoint.

  Edition 2017
  10:30 - 11:15


Calesini Gaetano
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Calesini Gaetano